mportance of regular Professional Drain Cleaning

Drains are essential for the efficiency of your plumbing system. Think about the substances that go down the drain daily. When taking a shower, dirt, soap, and hair make their way through your bathroom’s drains. Food particles and grease go down the drain as you wash the dishes. All the buildup accumulates and can damage your drains if you don’t clean them often. LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter explains why you need a plumber for regular drain cleaning.

Reduce Pipe Blockage

The most obvious reason for regular drain cleaning is reducing pipe blockage. You have probably experienced pipe blockage caused by reduced water pressure or clogged toilets. Pipe blockage caused by accumulated food particles, hair, soap, or grease can be more severe and damaging to the drainage system. Failure to clean drains causes solid matter accumulation, resulting in a blocked sewer line.

Eliminate Foul Smell

Sinks that don’t drain properly and leave behind food particles are likely to produce foul odors. When you leave your drains uncleaned for a long time, unwanted waste builds up and sits in the pipes. The smells from the unwanted waste go up the drains and get into your house. Consequently, you will notice foul odors coming from your bathroom or kitchen sink. Ensure that you hire a professional for drain cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA regularly.

A Cleaner Home

Water from the sewer line contains bugs and harmful bacteria. Therefore, everything that stays in the sewer line gets to your house when your drains are clogged and overflow. Cleaning your drains prevents harmful bacteria and other gross stuff in the sewer line from getting back into the house. Consider hiring a qualified plumber in San Fernando Valley, CA, for regular drain cleaning.

Reduced Expenses

You can request the plumber to inspect your sewer lines for damages during drain cleaning. Older pipes are prone to rust and leaks. Drain cleaning services can help you catch such issues before they become severe. Therefore, you’ll be dealing with less expensive repairs.

Clogged drains can be a costly expense. Don’t hesitate to contact LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter when you need professional drain cleaning and plumbing solutions. Get in touch with our team today.

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