As hard as you may try to keep all the pipes in your home in good working condition, you may find yourself facing a stubborn clog every once in a while. Although this can provoke some serious nightmares, you may be able to get rid of some smaller clogs on your own with a little creativity, the right tools and some measure of elbow grease.

A good plunger will work well for a toilet and a second (clean!) plunger may sometimes help with a clogged sink. However, if you are being plagued by recurring clogs and other issues that affect your home’s water pressure, this may be a sign of a more serious problem that may call for a hydro jetting procedure. Call your trusted plumber in San Fernando Valley, CA today and find a solution to this annoying clog issue.

How Does A Plumber Locate A Blockage?

Plumbers have a sure-fire method at their disposal to locate a blockage. If possible, visually inspecting the sewage plumbing system and sewage lines is the first step. Otherwise, a plumber may rely on a video inspection with the aid of video camera equipment. This method is also used once the pipes have been cleaned, in order to ascertain that the problem has been completely taken care of.

How Does A Plumber Get Rid Of A Blockage?

Depending on the magnitude of the problem, our plumbing company may consider using a snake or plumbing auger, a classic approach to solving this kind of situation. Otherwise, hydro jet plumbing offers an innovative solution for most problems. When a plunger or drain snaking does not clear the blockage, something with a little more force to clear out a clog is called for. This is when hydro jetting in San Fernando Valley, CA comes into play.

How Does A Hydro Jetting Procedure Work?

To perform hydro jetting in San Fernando Valley, CA, the area that needs to be cleaned must be accessible to a plumbing professional. For this task to be performed, we will need to have easy access to the pipes. Once this happens, the plumber can insert into the affected pipe a long hose that is generally connected to a tank of water that has been placed nearby. The hose must be able to withstand water that passes through it at very high pressure. A specialized machine is used to pressurize the water coming from the tank into the hose.

Depending on the condition of the pipe to be treated, the water may be pressurized up to 5,000 psi, making it possible for it to deliver 20 gallons of water every minute.

Another important component of this task is the fact that most residential plumbing systems rely on gravity to pull all wastewater all the way to the local sewer system. Gravity helps safely remove the debris down and out of the pipes.

What Are The Advantages of Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting offers many benefits, such as:

  • Clogs are eliminated immediately
  • Serious blockages, such as tree roots, can be removed
  • Effective solution for all types of pipes
  • Grease, wall buildup and minerals can be cleared out thoroughly

What Types Of Debris May Be Removed With Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is generally considered safe to remove any type of blockage that results in a clogged pipe. Debris that accumulates in pipes may be:

  • Human hair
  • Soap residue
  • Kitchen grease
  • Mineral scale buildup

Other objects that are accidentally thrown into the pipes will also be flushed out, as well as tree roots that have infiltrated the pipes. Nevertheless, if tree root infiltration has caused the pipes to be damaged or if the roots have compromised the affected pipe’s waterproof coating, hydro jetting might cause further problems. These include allowing the infiltration of rocks and soil through the perforated lines.

Is Hydro Jetting Safe For Older Pipes?

No doubt about it, hydro jetting can deliver a powerful force. If your home has older, more brittle pipes, the water pressure may cause damage in some areas. That is why it is always recommended that you call a professional plumber to explore the situation and decide on the most convenient way to resolve the clog. They can analyze the state of the affected pipes and lower the water pressure to prevent damage or other issues. Otherwise, if your pipes are extremely fragile, your plumber can determine that the best way to tackle this clog is by use of the good old fashion snaking method. We offer drain cleaning services in these areas:

Can You Do Preventive Maintenance To Avoid Clogs In Your Home’s Pipes?

The best way to prevent clogs is to keep them from happening in the first place! Hydro jetting is the drain cleaning method you know can deliver the best results. Once your plumber has unclogged your drain and pipes, your plumbing system will pretty much be like new. In order to protect your plumbing from suffering another clog due to the accumulation of grease, hair, food scraps, detergents, soap, or residue buildup, we encourage you to schedule routine hydro jetting procedures in San Fernando Valley, CA, and Nearby Areas. Talk to our plumbers regarding the recommended frequency of these drain cleaning services.

However, since you most likely do not want to have any clogs altogether, here are some preventive steps you can take to avoid them or minimize their frequency:

  1. Don’t flush anything other than toilet tissue
  2. Throw out fat, grease, and oil instead of disposing of them down the garbage disposal
  3. Place strainers on all drains, including your kitchen and all bathrooms in order to capture hair and food from going down drains
  4. Clean the strainers regularly
  5. Have on hand a drain care liquid to prevent buildup

If your home has been plagued with leaks and blockages, enlist the services of an experienced, knowledgeable plumbing professional. Using the right diagnostic tools, such as hydro-jetting, your plumber is able to thoroughly clean out debris from your home’s plumbing system and sewer lines. Contact your local plumber today to find out more about hydro jetting.

At LeadingEdge Plumbing we offer first-rate residential drain cleaning services through hydro jetting in San Fernando Valley, CA, and Nearby Areas. Let us tackle all your sudden and long-standing clogs once and for all with drain cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA, and nearby areas!

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Hydro Jetting tree roots

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