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Entrust your clogged drain issues to the top plumber in San Fernando Valley, CA who can help you with drain cleaning services throughout the year. Avoid taking on a clogged drain on your own because you do not have the tools or the expertise. At the first sign of trouble, get in touch with LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter.

Common Clog Issues

Our drain cleaning company sees clogs every day. Based on our experience, these are often caused by hair and debris that fall into the bathroom sink or shower. Kitchen sinks and drains have food waste stuck in them from years of cooking, while you may have clogs in your toilets due to paper products.

Clogs are caused by years of debris that have never been cleaned. You may have just bought or inherited a house, but the house comes with clogs that the previous owner never cleaned. You may hear the sink, shower, or tub drain slowly, or you might see the water stand because the pipe is completely clogged. You might hear your toilets struggle to flush or you might have clogs on your property that resulted in leaks in your sewage system. You may hear water flowing that you cannot find or even smell sewage around the property. Some homeowners are unfortunate enough to see sewage rise to the surface.

Hydro Jetting from LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter

When you consult us for drain cleaning in San Fernando Valley, CA, we may recommend drain snaking and hydro jetting. We must remove limescale buildup around each drain to avoid problems with pipe damage. We remove every drain to check for damage, and we can replace drains that are rusted or broken.

We offer snaking and declogging agents if there are deep clogs in the system. When we cannot reach old clogs through traditional means, our plumber in Los Angeles will use hydro jetting to clean your plumbing system.

Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to force all the clogs from your system. This is a simple service, and we often recommend hydro jetting for homeowners who have persistent clogs. We can clean out the clogs in your house once a year, or we can hydro jet your rental property every year when tenants move on. This method will remove old clogs that could cause leaks in your system. In addition, hydro jetting can help strip away limescale buildup that causes pinhole leaks in copper pipes.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Get in touch with us today to meet with one of our plumbers. We will send a licensed technician to your home who can find the source of leaks in the house, clean out clogs in the house, and offer hydro jetting when needed. We will bring your home back to normal condition, or we can clean out the plumbing in a house that you just bought. In addition, we offer inspections for buyers who are thinking of submitting an offer, inherited a house, or need to know how to repair their home before selling. Call LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter at 888-525-3234 today to schedule your appointment with our team. We look forward to ensuring you have clog-free drains once more.

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