When it comes to bathroom upgrades, a worn-out or outdated shower can be one of the most impactful ways to bring your bathroom into the 21st century. However, there are many times when a bathroom renovation or update isn’t on the agenda, but there are some glaring problems with your shower that need to be addressed in order to get your space back to the comfortable, relaxing area that you intended for. Shower repairs can be daunting, and most people are guilty of putting a repair off for far too long, but if you have been avoiding the rust spots or ignoring your slow drain, today is a good day to take action.

Read more below to learn about some common shower repairs that the team at LeadingEdge Plumbing is available to help you with. In many cases, there is the option for a DIY project to fix your shower as well, but these projects can quickly become more complicated than initially intended. Contact us now to speak with our team about your shower, the repairs that you need to be done, and we will be happy to discuss your options and how we can help. There is no shower repair too small or too large for us to tackle, so let’s start to plan your repairs today.

Common Shower Issues

The following are some common problems that we fix in and around San Fernando Valley, CA and nearby areas. Whether or not you see anything in the following examples that resemble your own situation, contact us now to discuss the next steps and how to get your shower back into working order as soon as possible.

Low Water Pressure

Shower head spraying water

Low water pressure is a common complaint that many people have about their shower. In most cases, this may be a problem with the overall water delivery system installed in their home, but in other instances, it could be an issue with the shower unit that can be repaired by a professional. We will diagnose your issue by inspecting your shower as well as your water delivery system in order to identify the problem and make a suggestion on how we can repair the issue or fix the problem.

Inconsistent Shower Temperature

When your shower constantly fluctuates in temperature, it can either be an annoyance or a serious problem with dangerous implications like significant burns. One of the first things to do is to take a look at the hot and cold water lines in order to identify whether or not there are blockages in the system. If we are able to identify blockages or other issues that are leading to inconsistent flow from either pipe, we will then suggest a course of action to repair them.

Leaky Shower Unit

If your actual shower hardware is leaking from the wall, it can lead to unsightly staining and rust streaks, as well as mold, mineral and limescale buildup, and more. In addition to the visible problems that a leaky shower can cause, there may be more leaking behind the facade that can lead to mold and rot inside your walls and floor of your bathroom. Since this is the case, it is important to address any indication of a leaky shower unit as soon as possible.

No Water From Showerhead

If your showerhead is not running whatsoever, this could be indicative of a wide range of problems ranging from an issue with your actual water delivery system to a blockage in your shower unit itself. We will need to inspect all possible issues until we identify the root of the problem, at which point we will suggest how to go about repairing the issue or repacing any keys components to get you a reliable and flowing shower again as soon as possible.

Common Types of Showers

The following are some common showers. Each of the specific shower types have their own common issues associated with them, in addition to the general issues we discussed in the previous section.

Thermostatic Shower Repairs

If you have a thermostatic shower, then it means that there is an internal thermostat that regulates the temperature and creates a steady mix of hot and cold water to give you the desired temperature for your shower. When this thermometer fails, or if there is an issue with the hot or cold valves that create the wrong mixture of temps, this can lead to some serious discomfort.

In order to fix this problem, we will need to inspect the entire unit and make a determination on the appropriate next steps. Ideally, we will work to repair the problem, but in some cases, the entire unit may need to be replaced to get you a consistently-operating showerhead.

Mixer Shower Repairs

A mixer shower is a less-complicated piece of technology because it requires the user to manually open and close the valve to the hot and cold water supply in order to reach the right temperature for their shower. One of the most common repairs for these types of showers is cleaning out limescale and other mineral buildups in the valves that can lead to stuck handles, deteriorating gaskets, or broken hardware.

The hope with these repairs is that we will be able to clean out the limescale and get your shower back into working order with minimal or no pieces to replace, but we will need to inspect the unit to determine exactly what to do.

Electric Showers

An electric shower is much more complicated than the classic mixer or thermostatic showers that rely on analog solutions to determining temperature. Instead, an electric shower is essentially an individual boiler that sets the temperature and heats the water on-demand from a unit on the wall of the shower itself.

In some cases, there may be an issue with something simple like limescale buildup for low flow because of a blockage in the waterlines, but in other cases, there may be an issue with the programming in the unit or some other type of electrical issue. In these cases, we will need to determine the problem and then likely speak with the manufacturer to understand what the correct repair approach is.

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