Reasons the Position of Your Water Heater Is Important

Where you place your water heater in your home can significantly impact its performance. If it’s not installed in the right spot, you might face some serious issues down the road.

Fortunately, LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter, your expert inwater heater repair in San Fernando Valley, CA, is here to help. We will assist you in choosing the best placement for your water heater based on your specific needs. Here are reasons why the position of your water heater is so important.

1. Proximity to Plumbing Fixtures

One of the most important things to consider during water heater installation is how close your unit is to the highly used faucets in your home. You want to ensure that the distance between the heater and faucets isn’t too far from one another. This helps lessen the heat lost along the way, and you get hot water as quickly as possible. It will also reduce the amount of cool water wasted down the drain as you wait for the hot water to arrive.

2. Increasing Square Footage

When floor space is an issue, consider upgrading your traditional unit to a tankless water heater. You can mount it on a wall, freeing up valuable space that you can use for other purposes. You can also install it in a pantry or under the sink for better efficiency.

3. Potential Damage From Leaks

If placed incorrectly, a leaking water heater could potentially cause costly damage to your home. For instance, if it’s the basement, it may damage the things you store there once it springs a leak. It can also increase the moisture levels in the room, creating a thriving environment for mold. During your water heater replacement, we ensure that your unit has enough clearance off the floor and set up the drain pan to mitigate damage.

4. Tight Spacing Could Cost You a Lot of Money

One of the biggest challenges is realizing that your new unit can’t fit in your current heater’s position. Chances are, you probably had your house designed to leave enough space for a standardized water heater. With the size of storage tanks changing in the past few years, you might need to hire water heater services to modify the space or find a new spot in your home.

The right position will help ensure that your water heater runs efficiently and won’t cause extensive damage to your home once it sustains problems. If you like to learn more about water heater placement or need to schedule a service visit, contact us today.

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