Shut-Off Valve Issues You Need to Know

There are some features common in every home, one of which is the shut-off valve. Usually located in a basement or on an exterior wall, this valve controls the water that gets into your residential property. Occasionally, there are issues with the valve itself that will require the attention of a plumber in Van Nuys, CA, from LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter. Here are some of the possible issues that can affect your home’s shut-off valve.

Drips — These are a common reason for plumbing repairs, and they can affect any water valve in your home, including the shut-off valve. Occasionally check around your home’s main shut-off valve to look for puddles, water spots along the wall, dampness, and other signs of a leak or slow and steady drip. One thing to keep in mind is that a dripping main valve typically makes it necessary to fix the street-side valve, as well.

Age-Related Wear — Shut-off valves are designed for long-term use, but these are not going to last forever. These valves can be affected by age-related wear. Signs of issues of this nature include rust or corrosion around the valve. Some homes also have older t-handled saddle valves, which are prone to leaks. If this is what you have, it is best to get it replaced before a problem even develops.

Burst Pipe —  It is common to turn off your home’s shut-off valve when going away for a long period of time. Even if it is shut off, water can still accumulate in the pipe between the valve and spigot. If you are away when the temperature drops, this pipe could burst and require an emergency plumbing service. So, when you get ready to turn your valve back on, look for pooled water around the valve and give us a call if you see signs of a burst pipe.

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