Drains are one of the key components of the plumbing system; however, many homeowners take them for granted. Some pour grease down the sink, while others flush sanitary napkins down the toilet. These habits spell trouble for your home in the long run, which it’s why it’s essential to know what items can contribute to a clogged drain. LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter lists some clog-causing household items below.

Coffee Grounds

While coffee grounds look finely milled, they don’t dissolve in water, which is why they look paste-like when you remove them from a filter. They will only accumulate in your drains and form a clog, which may require a thorough drain cleaning in Burbank, CA, to remove.


Eggshells don’t easily decompose. When you send them down the drain, your garbage disposal will only grind them to tiny bits, which may latch on grease, oil, and other substances in your drains. It may need more than drain snaking to remove the buildup. You can avoid this in the first place by putting eggshells on your compost pile or disposing of them in the trash.

Fat, Oil, and Grease

Many people think it’s fine to pour fat, oil, and grease down the drain because they are liquid. However, these substances harden once they cool down, blocking your pipes and hindering water flow. They also contribute to fatberg formation in the sewer lines, which can be disastrous to your home and the environment. As your go-to drain cleaning company in Burbank, CA, we recommend throwing fat, oil, and grease in the garbage bin.

Paper Towels and Cotton Balls

Paper towels and cotton balls are highly absorbent and don’t quickly disintegrate. It won’t take long for them to clog your pipes and cause a nasty backup in your home. This goes the same for similar hygiene products, like sanitary napkins, wet wipes, and even ‘flushable’ diapers.

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