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There are several signs of sewer damage, and if you see any of these symptoms around your home or commercial property, you need a qualified plumber in Pasadena, CA to help you. One of the biggest signs that you likely have sewer damage is a pool of water in your yard leading out into the street. While it's normal to have some water directly after a rainstorm, if the rest of your yard is dry and there's no other reason for a pool of water in your yard, you should have your sewer line checked for damage.

Another common sign that our customers see is the shifting of landscaping. While the presence of a sewer smell doesn't necessarily mean that you have a broken sewer line, it does usually mean that you have sewer backing up into your home, and this can mean that there's damage to your sewer line. If you think that you might have sewer line damage, you need to have your home inspected by a professional, and trenchless pipe lining in Pasadena, CA, can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Trenchless Pipe Lining from LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter

Having a broken sewer line is never a pleasant experience, but trenchless pipe lining can make repair go much more smoothly. With a traditional sewer pipe replacement, the yard around the pipe must be dug up to get at the pipe and replace it. This isn't the case with trenchless pipe lining. In this process, epoxy is applied to the inside of the pipe, which then hardens to create a layer that prevents tree roots from infiltrating your pipe. This lining also keeps sewer water from escaping the pipe and flooding your yard.

Benefits of Trenchless Technology

One of the biggest benefits of trenchless technology is that you won't need to have your yard dug up. Smaller holes are dug into your yard, and through these holes, a lining is applied to the inside of the pipe. Through this process, you're able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars because you won't need to do nearly as much landscaping after the new pipe is installed. Labor costs are also significantly less than a traditional sewer line repair or replacement because you don't have to dig the trench. You'll also save yourself from having a muddy yard.

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