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Water leak repair in progress in Los Angeles, CA

Getting a leak at home is no small joke. If left unresolved, the damage it may cause to your property can be incalculable. It has been well documented that when serious flooding occurs, it can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs. At this point, however, you may be thinking that this problem does not apply to you. After all, you do not have a catastrophic flood but just a burst pipe. Surely that single leak cannot result in so much damage or such humongous costs, or can it?

Sadly, a single water leak can do a number to your home just as surely as a full-scale flood. Here are a few of the consequences that can be brought about by even a simple water leak:

Damage to the structure of your home

The most obvious and hard-to-miss effects of damage caused by water affect the way your house looks. They include streaks along the walls, staining, and discoloration. These symptoms are so characteristic of water damage, that they become hard to hide or pass off as something else.

When drywall and other building materials absorb water, they tend to warp and swell. If left untreated for too long, this swelling can compromise the structural integrity of the property. Even a simple warping can quickly turn things quite ugly and turn the affected spaces unlivable. Water leak repair in Los Angeles becomes an urgent thing to do.

Problems with fungi and mold

Fungi and mold are not something you want in your home. These organisms produce spores that can be hazardous to your health in the long-term. Most homes have some mold spores within their tiny nooks. It is pretty much inevitable, even when dealing with new construction. Even in dry areas, spores can lay dormant for decades.

However, when spores interact with water their growth is triggered. If there is water around, mold spores multiply, filling the area with ugly and unhealthy growth. Mold spores cause symptoms such as breathing problems, nasal congestion, sneezing, and coughing. And in people with a compromised immune system, the impact is even more severe. In children, there is a greater likelihood of developing asthma.

A decrease in the value of your home

Having a history of water damage will most likely bring down the value of your property. This happens because lingering effects may still be present even after you think the damage caused by the leak has been fixed. Fixing all water leaks right away will avoid any lingering damage and help preserve the value of your home.

Discover Every Single Leak

As stated above, water leaks can be costly to any homeowner. Your senses can easily see or hear some leaks, but others are so difficult to detect that the best way to find them is to use your home’s water meter.

If you are interested in finding out if you have a water leak, start by turning off every device and appliance that uses water. Remember that the refrigerator and water softener use water as well. Do not turn off the main water shut off by the meter, because you will need water to run to the various devices to see if they leak. Then, check the low-flow indicator. If it is moving, you have a leak.

Next, in order to locate any possible leak, do a walk-through around your home and verify that all faucets and showerheads are working properly and there are no leaks. Be sure to check any outside taps. If you discover no leaks, check under countertops and vanities to make sure there are no visible signs of moisture and inspect all fittings and valves.

Water leak repair in progress in Los Angeles, CA

What Are The Main Sources Of Leaks In A Home?


It is not uncommon for toilets to leak silently. This type of leak can account for up to 300 gallons a day of lost water without anybody being aware of it. A far as your budget, silent toilet leaks are responsible for over $500 dollars a year in wasted water. What should you do? Get immediate water leak repair in San Fernando Valley, CA, and Nearby Areas.

A good method to check for toilet leaks is to place dye tablets or 15 drops of food coloring in every single toilet tank. Wait a little bit and check the toilet bowls. If there is any color in the water, you have a leak that goes from the tank to the bowl. This usually indicates a worn flapper valve. Another type of leak in a toilet is water running into the overflow tube. Check with a professional plumber for this and any other water leak repair.


Your appliances may be the cause of an undetected leak and require a water leak repair. Any appliance that uses water, such as your hot water tank, washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator may be hiding a leak. Is there any moisture around the floor? If you are unable to locate a leak, but your low-flow indicator keeps moving, write down your meter reading and leave everything off for at least two hours, then check to see if the reading has changed. If the leak indicator is still moving after this time, there may be a leak inside your walls or underground. If that is the case, call your trusted professional plumber for water leak repair and other plumbing services.

Water Leak Repair San Fernando Valley, CA, and Nearby Areas

The effects of even a small water leak can be catastrophic. Whether the leak is caused by an appliance, a toilet or you simply require rain leak detection, a water leak repair is best left to a professional plumber in San Fernando Valley, CA. Professional plumbers specialize in finding, diagnosing, and repairing water leaks, providing long-term solutions. Turn to LeadingEdge Plumbing and Rooter, they will help you mitigate the damage and protect your home. We are a top plumbing company that provides plumbing repairs and emergency plumbing solutions in the following areas:

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