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Sewer Repair Services in Northridge, CA

For most homeowners and even business owners, it pays to rely on a skilled plumber when it comes to sewer repair in Northridge, CA. Fortunately, you'll find friendly, well-prepared, and highly skilled sewer repair and maintenance technicians ready to provide top-notch service when you contact LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter.

Signs of Sewer Pipe Issues

Is it time to repair or replace a sewer line? One of the more obvious signs that it's time for sewer line repair is having multiple drains that are all blocked at the same time. Sewer issues may also contribute to:

  • Noticeable odors in your backyard
  • Sewage coming back up through your sink
  • A bad odor from a sewer line backup or blockage that's evident throughout your home

Causes and Effects of Sewer Damage

If you're not proactive about sewer line replacement or repair, you may find yourself dealing with backups, foul odors, slow drains, and other problems that can be unpleasant. As for what causes sewer issues, common culprits include:

  • Tree roots: Growing roots from trees can puncture sewer lines. Should this happen, you may experience leaks or blockages.
  • Rust or corrosion: If your sewer pipes are made of metal, they can become weaker over time due to rust or corrosion.
  • Ground movement: Earthquakes or droughts are just some of the reasons why ground may move enough to damage your sewer pipes.
  • Excessive water pressure: A water heater that's over-pressurized can contribute to the wear and tear of sewer pipes to the point where breaks are more likely to occur.
  • Sediment build-up: Debris or minerals can accumulate over time in your sewer pipes. This build-up can eventually lead to blockages, breaks, or leaks.

Our Sewer Services

As the top plumber in Northridge, CA, we offer an assortment of top-quality sewer repair services in Northridge to address any of the common problems that may affect residential or commercial sewer lines. In order to determine how to approach sewer pipe line repair, one of the services we offer is inspections performed with a high-resolution camera.

Trenchless Repair - In the past, the most common way to deal with sewer line issues when it was time for repair or replacement was to dig up a yard to get to the affected sewer lines. Today, we are often able to use trenchless technology to perform repairs in a way that doesn't require digging.

Clean-Outs - A clean-out is an access point in your home that's used to get to sewer lines. These are usually located under a sink, but it may be necessary to install one if there isn't one in your home that we can access. With clean-outs, cameras and cables are inserted to handle sewer-related tasks.

We also use pipe busting techniques that involve breaking up a damaged pipe without digging into small pieces. A new pipe is then inserted in place of the busted up one. Another option is the placement of an epoxy coating inside the affected pipe. With cured-in-place pipe repair (CIPP), resin is used to repair a damaged pipe in a way that does not require digging.

Consult LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter

At LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter, we ensure prompt, reliable, and affordable sewer repair services in Northridge. And thanks to our 24/7 emergency service, you'll always have access to a plumber in Northridge, CA should the unexpected happen. Contact us today to request a service.

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