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Sewer Repair and Replacement in
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Dealing with issues involving your sewer system requires the expertise of LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter, the top plumber in Granada Hills, CA. We provide efficient sewer line repair. We can also offer free estimates for replacements, drain cleaning, and additional plumbing services. Contact us the moment you realize there is a problem involving your sewer line.

Signs of Sewer Pipe Issues

You may need sewer pipe line repair when you smell an odd odor around your property. That smell is the sewage leaking from our pipes. You may not see it clearly because it is below the surface. Some sewage rises to the surface, or you may hear running water that you cannot pinpoint.

If your water bill is rising for no reason, you should contact us so that you can consult a trusted plumber from our team. Some homeowners hear a gurgling sound in their toilets and others notice that their toilets do not flush efficiently. There are even those who do not notice any issues until they have a sewer backup in the house.

Causes and Effects of Sewer Damage

We recommend repairing the sewer lines when clogs have cracked the line, the soil has crushed the pipe, or the pipe was made from substandard materials. Sewer damage is caused when you create clogs by using too much toilet paper or flushing heavy paper products down the toilet.

Some sewer problems are caused by poor materials. When we inspect your property, we may discover that your pipes are made from materials that are no longer suitable for building. We offer sewer line replacement to solve the problem, and we will check the sewer pipes inside the home for extensive problems. We will recommend replacing any pipe that is damaged severely.

Our Sewer Services

Before we begin our sewer repair in Granada Hills, CA, we will need to inspect the house. We will show you any problems that we have found because we can repair normal plumbing problems around the house. We will inspect the sewer lines outside your home, and we will determine the location of the leak or crack.

We use trenchless technology to find the exact place where repairs need to be done, and we complete point repairs to bring your system back to normal. We will use a trenchless sleeve to repair some sewer pipes that are only slightly cracked. However, we offer trenchless sewer line replacement when you need new pipes. We can replace the sewer line quickly so that you are not left without sewer or water service for long periods.

Consult LeadingEdge Plumbing & Rooter

Contact us when there are sewer issues around your property. We will inspect your home and property for sewer problems that may be troublesome, and we make sure that you see a free estimate before any work begins. We can repair small problems, replace your sewer pipes, and check for substandard building materials.

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